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He's even got speed on the basepaths: Aroldis Chapman got on base, scored run from first

Aroldis Chapman got on base, scored run from first

On Monday night, Aroldis Chapman ran the bases at Wrigley Field. No, this wasn't some postgame promotion for Reds closers who throw 100 mph or over. For the first time in his MLB career, Chapman actually scored a run.

Chapman has only made one other plate appearance, back on Aug. 21, 2013. His batting line from that day looks like a slice of Swiss cheese (click to enlarge):


And this time, he only reached base thanks to an error by Starlin Castro:


But that doesn't mean he doesn't know what he's doing out there -- he managed to score from first after a double off the bat of Jason Bourgeois, helping the Reds to their 13-6 victory


After the game, he told reporters he felt great about it:

He also said, "If the team needs me … I'm available, I'm ready to go." We're choosing to interpret that as a sign he'll soon be a pinch-hitter. After all, it's the trendy new thing for pitchers to do, so we're sure it won't be long until Statcast™'s homer velocity leaderboard also needs a Chapman filter.

Seriously -- the exit velocity on the ball he hit reached 107.7 mph, which is 3.8 miles faster than his fastest pitch. He also hit a top speed of 19 mph when scoring from first, and it took him 11.7 seconds to make the entire trip. 

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