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Intentional Talk's Chris Rose threw out the worst first pitch since Carly Rae Jepsen's

You probably never thought Chris Rose and Carly Rae Jepsen would be mentioned in the same sentence, but it turns out the two get similar results when tossing out a ceremonial first pitch.

The co-host of MLB Network's Intentional Talk was invited to throw out the first pitch at an Indians game by Nick Swisher earlier in the season, and on Saturday night Rose took Swisher up on the offer.

Rose, a Cleveland native himself, seemed confident enough as the time for the first pitch neared, although he did seek some advice from Indians pitcher Vinnie Pestano -- advice that would ultimately prove to be futile.

Rose made his way to the mound -- complete with a personalized jersey on top of his own Brohio shirt -- but the pitch did not go as planned.

With Swisher behind the plate, Rose went into a full windup and then bounced the ball well in front of the plate, and to the left of the batter's box. Swish gave him a nice bro-hug in consolation, however, so the outing wasn't a complete failure.