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5 phenomenal facts about Evan Gattis' surprising 10-triple season

As we told you earlier this year, Evan Gattis was second in the league in triples. We may have expressed a little surprise, because El Oso Blanco hasn't been particularly likely to pick up three-baggers. 

But during Friday's game against the Rangers, he hit his 10th of the season:


Who knows what strange magic El Oso Blanco is working? And has anyone ever had a season quite like his? We delved into this question and are happy to bring you five facts that you should definitely memorize to impress all of your trivia-loving friends. 

1. Gattis entered this season with only one career triple in 213 games.

He's the first player since Harry Simpson in 1952 to record a 10-triple season after entering the year with at least 100 games of experience and no more than one career triple.

2. Gattis is only the fourth designated hitter in Major League history to collect double-digit triples in a single season.

He joins Paul Molitor (1991), Hal McRae (1977) and Jim Rice (1977) in accomplishing the rare feat.


3. No player has finished a season with at least 10 triples and no stolen bases since Jerry Lumpe in 1962.


Lumpe had a career-high 10 three-baggers -- and a career-best 10 homers -- while coming up short on each of his two stolen base attempts.

4. Gattis has yet to record a career stolen base, and he's only ever attempted one steal.


The last player to rack up double-digit triples while attempting no more than one steal in a single season was Dale Long in 1955. Long hit 13 triples for the '55 Pirates, tied with Willie Mays for the most in the Majors, but was caught stealing on his lone stolen base attempt.

5. Long was also the last player to record a 10-triple season before stealing even his first career base.


Though he notched 13 triples in 1955, Long's first stolen base wouldn't come until the following season when he logged the first of just 10 career steals. Following his 13-triple season, Long went on to hit just 18 more triples over his final eight seasons.

Research by Paul Casella /