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Fans at Coors Field receive misspelled 'Tulowizki' T-shirt jerseys

Fans receive 'Tulowizki' T-shirt

Some names in MLB are hard to spell. Names like Goldschmidt, Pierzynski or Tulowitzki are tough for anyone to remember -- even those of us who write them on a regular basis.

And so, there were probably a few fans at Coors Field on Saturday who didn't think there was anything wrong with the free T-shirt jerseys they received at the gate when they first looked at them.

But ...


Yeah, it's Tulowitzki.

Don't worry -- fans will receive a free ticket to a future Rockies game and will be able to exchange those shirts for ones with Tulo's name spelled properly.

Said the team on their Facebook page:  

"The Colorado Rockies offer our sincere apologies to the fans for the misspelling of the Troy Tulowitzki King Soopers jersey that was distributed tonight. The Rockies would also like to apologize to longtime corporate partner King Soopers, who was not involved in the production of the jerseys.

Acknowledging that many fans came to the game for the jersey, rather than disappoint them, we decided to go ahead and hand them out.

We have made plans to reproduce the jersey and fans wishing to exchange will be able to do so at a future date (TBD) in September at Coors Field or the Rockies Dugout Stores. In addition, fans exchanging the jersey will receive a complimentary ticket to a future game in 2014 or 2015."

Although, considering the MVP-like pace Tulowitzki was on before his stint on the DL, those misprints might be valuable collectables someday.