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Braves fan gives into physics, picks up foul ball with his face

Braves fan picks up foul ball with his face

Gravity: it's our friend, but it is also our greatest enemy. For every keeping-all-the-things-on-Earth-in-their-rightful-place, there's also a dropped ice cream or a spilled glass of red wine.

On Saturday, a fan trying to grab a foul ball off the bat of Didi Gregorius went head-to-head with the physical force. Literally. 

After Gregorious' foul ball bounced off his belly (sadly, not captured on video), the fan tried to grab the ball as it was just beyond his reach over the railing. As he couldn't do the "Space Jam" arm stretch, the man gave up and let Newtonian physics do the rest: 

Gravity fan

But hey, thanks to gravity, that ball also didn't float away into the aether. So, you win some, you lose some. 

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