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Coco Crisp stuns fashion world with new haircut featuring a back-of-the-head-goatee

Coco Crisp has new haircut with back-of-head goatee

It has long been known that people with more symmetrical faces are considered more attractive than their lopsided brethren. But what about entire symmetrical heads? That's something that Coco Crisp is trying out when he unveiled his new haircut. 

Crisp hair

That's right, not only is Crisp bringing back the flat top, but he has also introduced the first ever recorded instance of a back-of-the-head goatee. It's a hairstyle that famed physicist Richard Feynman once theorized, but could not prove existed. 

Don't believe me? Just look at this infra-red photo:

Crisp hair

Said noted style-maven and Vogue editor Anna Wintour had we asked her for comment:

"This is the future of fashion. I've just called my hair stylist for an appointment." 

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