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Adorable squirrel takes over Coors Field, shows off elite baserunning skills

Believe it or not, the #RallySquirrel isn't the only squirrel to call an MLB stadium home. It turns out Coors Field has its own adorable woodland resident, and it made its way onto the diamond during Saturday's Phillies-Rockies game.

Of course, Major League teams can't really play baseball when there's a scurrying animal on the field. Thus, the game had to be delayed while the squirrel lived out its big league dream:


Now, yes, it got a bit distracted at times (as squirrels are wont to do):


But eventually it made its way to the outfield so that play could resume:


But not before visiting some of the Phillies:


And the dugout:


And showing off its blistering speed to any of the MLB scouts who might be in attendance:


Hey, don't laugh -- you never know:


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