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David Ortiz wrapped Munenori Kawasaki in giant bear hug

We all want to give Munenori Kawasaki a big hug. Unfortunately, since we're not his friends, colleagues, or family members, we're denied access to the winking, dancing, Cut 4-award-winning, never-cramping wunderkind. 

David Ortiz is one of the lucky ones. While standing on third base during the Red Sox - Blue Jays game on Tuesday night, the Red Sox slugger couldn't help himself, wrapping Kawasaki up in a giant bear hug. 

Papi hug

Of course, getting hugged by Ortiz is almost a rite of passage in Major League Baseball. While Ortiz's 453 home runs are 36th all time, his estimated 8,000 hugs is a record that will likely never be broken. 

Ortiz hug