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The D-backs Racing Legends totally owned George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

D-backs Racing Legends tackle some ex-presidents

When the Nationals traveled to Phoenix to take on the D-backs, a couple of former heads of state showed up too: Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Clearly believing their counterparts at Nationals Park to be the better group of between-inning racers, the commanders-in-chief snuck onto the field in an attempt to give the D-backs' Racing Legends a little what for.

Needless to say, that backfired:



Interestingly, the Legends seem to be well within their rights to hit-stick the ex-presidents. You see, they violated the oft-overlooked Third Amendment by quartering General Washington in the D-backs' home. The Supreme Court would likely rule that The Big Unit's clotheslining of Lincoln was, in fact, constitutionally sound.

Try not to feel too bad for Honest Abe, though -- he really had it coming:


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