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Fan brings net to catch foul balls, disrupts the natural order of foul ball retrieval (possibly forever)

Fan brings net to catch foul balls

Taking a page from Wile E. Coyote, one intrepid Rangers fan decided enough was enough. He was finally going to catch one of those gall danged  foul balls. Unlike the hapless prairie wolf, this fan proved successful. 

Fan Net

But while Friday's net-bringer has accepted his responsibility with aplomb, quickly handing balls off to nearby youngsters, do we really want to engage in this arms race? If we allow fans to bring nets now, how long before every spectator brings one instead of a glove?

And how long before those nets turn into giant vacuum cleaners with superpowered suction?

And how long before science catches up and fans use highly-localized black holes to capture all the light and foul balls in the vicinity around them? 

If we don't fight this future now, we'll be doomed forever -- existence blinking in and out as people search for ever more powerful and dangerous ways to retrieve foul balls. Is that really the world we want to leave for our children? 

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