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Ichiro Suzuki had two doppelgangers in the stands on Tuesday

Ichiro Suzuki had two doppelgangers in the stands

The Yankees battled the Angels on Tuesday with two different Ichiro doppelgangers watching from the stands. One was from his past, dressed in full Mariners regalia, and the other from the present, wearing the outfielder's current Yankees uniform. Anyone who's read Dickens -- or seen A Muppet Christmas Carol -- surely knows that a Ghost of Ichiro Future was likely lurking somewhere in Yankee Stadium. 

Ichiro doppelganger

But what did the duplicates come to say? Could these Ichiro twins really have just come to watch Ichiro play and maybe catch a Mike Trout highlight or two? Or were they there to warn Ichiro of great danger? 

Sadly, we'll likely never know the answer to that. At least until the next time these two doppelgangers stop by -- we've seen them before, and we'll probably see them again.

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