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Jay Bruce scales wall to rob Giancarlo Stanton of his 30th home run

Jay Bruce robs Giancarlo Stanton of his 30th HR

With biceps the size of a small nation and his dingers going an average distance of nearly 421 feet, home run monster Giancarlo Stanton doesn't give fielders many chances to rob him of long balls. After already hitting one in the 1st inning of Sunday's game, Stanton was looking for another.

This time, though, he left it close enough to the field for Jay Bruce to go up and take it away. 

Jay Bruce rob

And how does Bruce feel about robbing the league leader in homers/human giant who probably eats bone-in steaks with one bite? 

Jay Bruce

You can have all of your Mona Lisa smiles or whatever. I'll take a Jay Bruce post-Giancarlo Stanton brush with death grin any day. 

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