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John Smoltz had to stand on a chair to help Randy Johnson put on his hat

Smoltz stood on chair to help Big Unit put on his cap

Compared to most people, John Smoltz is tall. At 6-foot-3, he's got more than a few inches on your average guy. But during Wednesday afternoon's Hall of Fame press conference, he proved that even he could sometimes use a step stool:


But just because Randy Johnson can always reach things on the top shelf doesn't mean life's a cakewalk. Some of life's challenges aren't even height-related. Luckily, Smoltz came to the rescue again: 


After he was dressed to the nines, Johnson commiserated with Smoltz, confessing that his height was an issue for him at the start of his incredible career ... until he learned how to harness its power. He went on to say that he's humbled by his election and, while he never played the game with the goal of earning entry into Cooperstown, he's pretty jazzed about the opportunity to meet Babe Ruth.

We hope the meet-and-greet proves as inspirational as it was for Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez, who went on to pickle the beast and skate blue-line-to-blue-line in 1.9 seconds before putting his intense training to use -- stopping for the first time to score a crucial goal against Team Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Games.

Babe Ruth

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