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Jonny Gomes is a magician -- he hits broken bat invisi-ball infield single

Jonny Gomes is known for a lot of things: His beard. His love of American flag suit jackets. His continued love of American flag clothing.

One thing he's not known for is his ability to leg out infield singles. Against the Rays on Saturday night, Gomes got one by pulling off the rare Magical Broken Bat Invisi-Ball Infield Single (scored MBBIB1B).

What is a Magical Broken Bat Invisi-Ball Infield Single, you ask? It looks a little something like this, Jonny Gomes using deft slight of hand to convince the infielders that the ball does not exist: 

Broken Bat hot potato

It's second only to the Stumble and Bumble Base Hit in the scientific rankings of awkward hits.