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Jose Lobaton catches foul tip with his face

Jose Lobaton catches foul tip with his face

Catching is already hard enough what with all the squatting and hand signals to remember. Add in foul balls coming right for your face and it's got to be downright terrifying. 

When Carlos Gomez foul tipped a 2-2 pitch straight back on Tuesday night, what do you think went through Lobaton's brain? Did his life flash before his eyes? Did he feel his spirit leave his body?

Or did he go into a zen trance and, like a man who can catch a fly with his eyes closed, snatch the ball with his face mask? 

Jose Lobaton foul ball

Sadly, Gomez wasn't called out because "The Rules" say you have to catch the ball with your hands. Which seems totally unfair. If a ball comes straight for your face and you manage to catch it, I think you deserve the benefit of the doubt. 

But the catcher abuse doesn't end there. Because if you're unfortunate enough to catch a pitched ball with your facemask,  Rule 5.09(g) says that runners advance one base. Now that's just unfair. 

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