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Legend of Brock Holt continues to grow with this amazing out-of-nowhere catch

Legend of Brock Holt grows with this catch

Brock Holt: the mere invocation of his name in certain Northeast circles is enough to drive men and women to joyous tears. Brock Holt: the name that is whispered in the wind. Brock Holt: putting the super in super utility. 

Holt has been a spark for the Red Sox this season, playing all over the field and entering Tuesday's action at a robust .333/.375/.476. On a team filled with mashers like David Ortiz and Mike Napoli, the 5-foot-10 Holt leads them all in OPS. 

On Tuesday night, Holt made his first career start in center field. And it was a good thing that he did. When Jonny Gomes lost a fly ball in the lights, Brock Holt came through with the catch, Superman-ing his way into the frame with a full extension, forget-about-tomorrow diving snag. 

Brock Holt

Look, you can even see him at the beginning of the GIF before he falls out of frame. Instead of giving up on the ball, assuming that Gomes would catch it, Holt continued motoring. The fact that he had a chance at the ball is impressive. That he made the catch is unbelievable. 

Naturally, Holt also went 2-for-4 at the plate, scoring both of the Red Sox's runs in their 2-1 victory. Brock Holt. Brock Holt. Brock Holt. 

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