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Macklemore goes with full windup on Macklemore bobblehead night

Macklemore throws out first pitch on bobblehead night

Two weeks ago, 50 Cent had a little trouble locating the strike zone on his first pitch at Citi Field: 

50 Cent

So when Macklemore was invited to throw out the first pitch at Safeco Field on Thursday night (his bobblehead day no less) you couldn't blame him if he decided to play it safe. Maybe he'd walk in a few steps to make the toss, simply focusing on getting the ball somewhere in the general vicinity of the plate.  

But for the man who wears enormous fur coats and denim jackets with leather fringe, playing it safe isn't an option. Macklemore toed the rubber, took two selfies (as most Major League pitchers do when they're warming up) and went into a full windup: 


While his throw didn't have much heat on it, Macklemore still made it over the plate -- putting him in the top 1 percent of all musicians on the mound

Which is good. If he hadn't, this army of pint-sized Macklemores would probably have gone on the attack: 

Macklemore army

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