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The Rockie Mountains of Madness: Wilin Rosario comes around to score on ground ball

Wilin Rosario comes around to score on grounder

There are some strange goings on around the Rockies this year. Sure, we've all accepted the heightened offensive environment and the screwy offspeed pitches caused by the elevation of the Rocky Mountains, but this season, things have grown truly bizarre. 

Already this year, we've seen the Rockies turn only the the third triple play on an interference call in Major League history. Eight days ago, the Brewers scored three runs on one wild pitch while in Coors Field. And while Troy Tulowitzki is an otherworldly talent, his .447/.529/.780 line at home going into Sunday's action defies belief.  

It doesn't end there, though. On Sunday, with the Brewers and Rockies again squaring off, Wilin Rosario hit a grounder down the third base line and just kept on chugging. 


But what is going on with the Rockies? Is this just a strange run of luck? Does chaos theory have something to do with it? Or is it something else, something far more terrifying and eternal?

I have one idea. Perhaps while clearing the field of snow back in May, Rockies employees accidentally uncovered Shoggoths, the gelatinous "biological entities created to perform any task, assume any form, and reflect any thought" from H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness .

Sure, we thought the creatures were a fictional creation, but what if we were wrong? What if these creatures have been living in the Rocky Mountains this whole time, subtly influencing play, and now they're spreading across the Major Leagues? I don't want to say that's a likely scenario, but at the same time, it seems like a very likely scenario. 

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