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'El Duque' threw out a White Sox first pitch, complete with his signature leg kick

El Duque threw out the first pitch complete with leg kick

Find yourself longing for those halcyon days when Orlando Hernandez would take the mound, contorting himself like a member of Cirque de Soleil? The White Sox tried to fill that gaping hole in your heart by having Hernandez throw out the first pitch on Tuesday night. 

Naturally, he went with the full windup. 

Orlando Hernandez

To add some drama to the affair, Chicago put three men dressed as Red Sox on the bases to mimic Game 3 of the 2005 ALDS. You know, the one where El Duque entered the game in the bottom of the 6th with the bases loaded and no outs, retiring the Red Sox in order to preserve the White Sox lead. 

Bases full

Though the pressure wasn't the same and Hernandez's velocity was a little lower, it still looked like he could help plenty of bullpens today. 

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