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Peter Bourjos lost a ball in the lights before making a great leaping catch

Peter Bourjos loses ball before making great catch

Peter Bourjos is like the Mikhail Baryshnikov of center field -- he turns every catch into high art. And he put that skill on display in the third inning of Friday's Cardinals-Pirates game when Starling Marte hit a deep fly ball to center field. 

Instead of simply racing back to make the catch, Bourjos showed off his speed, stirrup socks and  flair for narrative storytelling by deking out the Pirates players and fans when he lost the ball in the stadium lights:

Peter Bourjos catch

It's simply the latest in a long line of Peter Bourjos signature moves, like his old "Lose the glove over the wall" routine and the "Run a country mile to make an absurd catch." I hear he's currently working on his opus, tentatively titled "Never let a single ball drop in the outfield again." 

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