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Pigeons continue to flout the rules, interrupt Tigers - Pirates game

Pigeons flout the rules, interrupt DET - PIT game

Despite our attempts to the contrary, humans still exist in a fragile ecosystem surrounded by other creatures. These wild animals don't respect the carefully constructed society we've established based on shared rules and values. This is why you get bitten by spiders while you sleep. Or find snakes that live in your toilet. (Sorry if I've just introduced a brand new phobia to you.) 

On Wednesday, Mother Nature once again reared her ugly head as two pigeons decided it was more important for them to peck about in the dirt looking for, I don't know, whatever the heck pigeon's eat instead of letting Vance Worley pitch to Miguel Cabrera. 


And then when they were politely asked to leave, they didn't! What kind of rude dudes with attitudes are these birds? Have they never read Miss Manners? Are they sociopaths that simply don't care that there is another activity going on that they're interrupting? 

The only thing I do know: They're off my wedding invite list. 

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