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Scott Van Slyke was hot footed in the Dodgers dugout

The hot foot. It's a baseball classic, right up there with the cup-on-the-head trick and the cover-you-with-baby-powder-while-you're-in-the-bathroom move. 

On Sunday, Scott Van Slyke was the recipient of the flame-to-foot trick. And though it took a long time to light up the shoes, that only added to the suspense. Even better, once it got going, Van Slyke panicked, looking all over for the source of the smell. 

Van Slyke reaction

Naturally, the Dodgers dugout lost it: 

Dodgers dugout

What made this one special though was that Vin Scully was along to announce the whole thing. Vin Scully could make sitting through Modern Times Forever , the 240-hour Danish art film, an entertaining experience.