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Scouting RoboCop's first pitch on RoboCop Day

June 3, 2014: It's a day that will go down in the history books. Because it's RoboCop Day. To celebrate, the Tigers invited the cyborg of justice himself to throw out the first pitch. 

His prime directive: Serve the public trust, protect the fans, and uphold the strike zone.

RoboCop pitch

Well, maybe his target lock was a little off.

With the MLB Draft coming up, we also talked to Cut4's registered baseball scout and asked him for a report on Mr. RoboCop. His thoughts: 

Robocop scouting report

Before the game, RoboCop took time out of his busy schedule to discuss stolen bases with Rajai Davis:

And to pose with the  Detroit police force:

Robocop with cops(Photo: Mark Pierce / Real-Time Correspondent)

And though there was no video evidence, an artist's rendition indicates that RoboCop also spent some time palling around with some of Detroit's cutest four legged creatures:  

Robocop pets

More like RoboCute if you ask me.