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Super intelligent baby tries to communicate with Lou Piniella bobblehead

Is this baby plotting with a Lou Piniella bobblehead?

Yes, on first glance, this is an adorable baby reacting to outside stimuli. He's endlessly amused by the shaking head, the bobbling visage, the delicious countenance. 


But on further examination, could this actually be a hyper-intelligent baby who is hoping, praying, to make contact with the outside world. Does he look at the Lou Piniella bobblehead and think that it is an intelligent being, too? 

"Yes! You too are an intelligent creature trapped in some sort of porcelain prison, just as I am trapped in this fleshy pod! Damn these underdeveloped vocal chords that leave me trapped and helpless like a caged animal, unable to communicate with the outside world.

What's that? You're nodding? You do understand me! Perfect. Okay, I've been developing a plan for world dominance and it's quite simple. All we have to do is -- 

Why are you still nodding? Are you not listening? Are you simply humoring me like those miserable giant creatures that lift me up and ooh and aww in my face? Fine then. Be that way. I shall now devour you in a feat of dominance." 


Then again, maybe he's just a baby. That's possible too. 

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