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Umpire slips on field, does split, falls on keister

Umpire slips on field, does split, falls on keister

Being a Major League umpire is very serious business. It requires split-second decision making, unwavering focus and cat-like agility:


But just as Major Leaguers often make errors on the field of play, umpires have moments where their impressive faculties desert them.

For example, during Friday's Giants-Royals game, umpire Gary Cederstrom went to call San Francisco infielder Joaquin Arias safe at third base, but wound up getting a bit too acquainted with the Kauffman Stadium grass:


Don't worry: He was okay, albeit with the newfound flexibility of an Olympic gymnast.

But while they sometimes feature in on-field bloopers, Major League umpires are distinguished and very serious m-


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