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Yoenis Cespedes makes an absolutely unreal throw to nail Howie Kendrick at the plate

Cespedes makes unreal throw to nail Kendrick at plate

There are good throws and then there are the things Yoenis Cespedes laser beams to home plate. During a matchup against the Angels on Tuesday, it was the latter. 

With the game tied at one in the bottom of the 8th, Mike Trout hit a ball into left field that bounced off the tip of Cespedes' glove. As the ball rolled into the left field corner, Howie Kendrick took off speeding for home. 

With a normal fielder in left, Kendrick likely scores without a throw and the Angels take the lead.

But Cespedes isn't a normal fielder. He's more like a cyborg sent from the future to protect humanity, the howitzer attached to his shoulder meant to stop an oncoming alien invasion. 

While we wait for the intergalactic battle, we have this:

Yoenis Cespedes

Mmm, that's so good, let's take a look at it again. 


And one more time, with added flair:

Yeah, that's the stuff. 

Of course, this comes just 10 days after Cespedes threw out two Angels at the plate in the same inning, so maybe they should stop running on him. 

There also appeared to be a fan in the stands who eerily predicted Cespedes' amazing throw before it even happened:


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