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Game of the Weird: Things turn bizarre for Red Sox and Athletics on Sunday

Things turn bizarre for Red Sox and A's on Sunday

According to the website,, Mercury is in retrograde. Their message is very telling too, saying, "This may account for the weirdness." Obviously, they are referring to Sunday's afternoon tilt between the Red Sox and Athletics, a game where the world of the bizarre crossed over with the baseball's reality.

So be careful readers, for you are about to enter a world that is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition. It is an area we call:

Twilight Zone

Stranger than a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster, Mike Napoli not only stole home (28 career stolen bases entering Sunday), but he hit a home run, too. The last Red Sox player to do both in one game: Rico Petrocelli in 1967.  

Mike Napoli

More rare than the 200-plus cases of spontaenous human combustion, Koji Uehara blew his first save of the season, giving up ninth inning home runs to Stephen Vogt and John Jaso. 

Of course, Vogt's trot around the bases wasn't the only thing he did on Sunday. After all, his movements across the field were as strange as the flight path of the UFOs in the 1952 Washington DC incident. Vogt started in right, moved to first base for his first career appearance at the position and shifted back to right before finishing the game behind the plate following Derek Norris' injury. 

And finally, more unexpected than the appearance of a ghost in a photographSean Doolittle received his first Major League plate appearance when he was called on to bat against Koji Uehara for the final out. Stranger still, despite all of that rust, his swing looked pretty good. There was no Bartolo Colon-ing here

Sean Doolittle swing

Sean Doolittle did have a response for Uehara after the game:

Of course, not everything in this one was weird. After all, David Ortiz won the game with a 10th inning home run. Considering that he's hit 11 walk off home runs and 155 go-ahead home runs, that's not very strange at all. 

David Ortiz home run

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