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Let MLB Network's Harold Reynolds teach you how to break in a glove like a Major Leaguer

Harold Reynolds shows how to break in a new glove

Halloween is over, which means we're now firmly into the Holiday Season -- a time for thinking about family, friends, cold weather and giving gifts. One classic holiday gift is, of course, a baseball glove. But, when one gets a new baseball glove, the first thing one must do is break it in.

But how?

Many adopt the tried-and-true method of sleeping with the glove under their mattress, but surely that's not how real Major Leaguers do it, right? There's no way Albert Pujols settles in to his team hotel with his brand new first baseman's glove tucked neatly under his bed (as much as we'd all love that to be true).

Well, according to MLB Network's Harold Reynolds, no, Major Leaguers don't do that. Instead, they follow a complex ritual involving tape, water, multiple baseballs and a clothes hanger. Check out the video up top and learn how to break your new glove in like a pro.