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Jacob deGrom is here to teach you how to scare your friends like a true Major Leaguer

Halloween is coming up, so it's time to take stock of your best scare tactics. Fake spiders are great, peeling grapes and pretending they're eyes is cool, but if you really want to freak out your friends, listen to Jacob deGrom. You trust him when it comes to pitching and by now, you should trust him when it comes to pranks. Just try his paper cup trick. 

Well, as deGrom explains to MLB Network's Sam Ryan above, it's actually Bartolo Colon's trick. He likes to sneak up on people, and then stomp on a paper cup right behind them. Let deGrom demonstrate:


You really need to watch the video to get the full effect, because the GIF can't quite convey the duck-and-cover firecracker sound crushing the cup makes.

Try it out yourself -- just start hiding paper cups around your home and office and scaring the life out of all your friends and coworkers. If they get upset, just tell them it was all Bartolo's idea. Then, make this face:


We're sure they'll forgive you.