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A Japanese high schooler combined pinch-hitting with interpretive dance, and it is everything

Japanese high schooler shows off dance moves at plate

You were probably just going about your normal Thursday, blissfully unaware that Yu Darvish's Twitter account was about to shake your existence to its very core. Those were simpler times. But they are no longer, and we now must figure out how to live in a world where batters use bats like kendo sticks and give elaborate mid-AB interpretive dances set to marching band renditions of Queen:  

According to CBS Sports, those unspeakably beautiful 30 seconds come from Namekama High School in Japan, during a pinch-hitting appearance. And yes, we do have multiple angles for your enjoyment. We'll give you a second:

As much as we appreciate the exploits of one Munenori Kawasaki, we can only hope that this video sweeps MLB, ushering in a new era of baseball dancing in the batter's box. Who knows, we may already be there: