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Check out Japanese submariner Kazuhisa Makita's unique throwing motion

Check out this Japanese submariner's unique mechanics

Japanese flamethrower/slugger (yes, you read that right) Shohei Otani is the headlining name on Samurai Japan, but fellow pitcher Kazuhisa Makita has his own unique approach to the game.

Makita is a submariner -- and looking at his throwing motion, he's as extreme an example of this type of pitcher as you'll see:


That's pretty tough to see as a hitter, and sure enough, Makita didn't allow a hit in two innings of relief work in Wednesday's Game 1 matchup of the Japan Series.

Going from him to Otani, who pitches with a traditional motion while reaching upward of 100 mph on the gun, in the eighth inning pretty much made Samurai Japan unhittable and allowed them to lock up Game 1, 2-0.