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John Jaso and Stephen Vogt literally battle for playing time

Jaso and Vogt literally battle for playing time

After Derek Norris was hit on the glove hand by Yangervis Solarte's back swing, it looked like he may not be able to stay in the game. So John Jaso and Stephen Vogt did what any concerned teammates would do: race each other to see who could get their gear on first. 

A's Catchers

A's catchers

Hopefully the catcher's gear race will become the final leg of the MLB obstacle course that I've been dreaming of. The other events being a baseball bat jousting tournament, a stirrup sock slingshot contest and a gum-on-the cap endurance test.

As for the winner in this one, it's gotta go to Jaso. After all, he got his mask on first. 

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