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Korean baseball team will broadcast your living room cheers in its stadium with new fan robots

Love cheering for your team, but hate leaving the house? Thanks to the power of technology and Korea's Hanwha Eagles, the dream of heckling the opponent without ever leaving your living room is now a reality. And it's all thanks to their fan robots.

Yes, you read that right. Fan robots. Has that sunk in? Fan. Robots. 

It seems simple enough. You simply upload your comment via the complex series of tubes that is the internet and the fanbots will make your cheer heard. 

But there's something unsettling about this, some horrifying needling in the back of my skull. 

Is it the mass assemblage of faceless automatons? 

Robot fear

The further blurring of lines between man and machine?

Robot melding

The fact that people are literally waiting for a robot to tell them what to do? 

Robot cheers

Or am I simply scared that this is the first step towards a future where robots muscle us puny, fleshy, mortal humans out of the game of baseball? 

Actually, I take it all back. That's absolutely adorable. I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

(h/t CBS Sports