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Magneto levitates baseball stadium in new 'X-Men' clip

Magneto levitates baseball stadium in new X-Men clip

On May 23rd, X-Men: Days of Future Past will hit the big screens, finally uniting comics fans, the Patrick Stewart/Ian McKellan obsessives and Trask Industries shareholders under one roof. 

On Wednesday, a new clip from the film was released, showing Magneto (the master of magnetism, natch) standing in RFK Stadium, former home to the Washington Senators and Nationals. The groundskeeper, laying out the foul lines, asks Magneto if he needs any help, to which he answers "no." Judging by Magneto's next step, literally uprooting the stadium from the ground, I'd call that a lie. 

Without seeing the movie, what can we glean from this clip? Here are a few possibilities: 

- Magneto doesn't understand the concept of a "pick-up" game.

- Rather than kicking up dirt around first base, this is how Magneto expresses distaste for an umpire's call. 

- Magneto is searching for the treasure of Ryan Zimmerman -- his chest of gold doubloons is rumored to be buried under the center field stands. 

While we'll have to wait until the movie's release for answers, we can only hope that this means one of Chris Claremont's classic X-Men baseball games also made it into the film: 

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