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Adventures in pickoffs: Miguel Cabrera throws glove at ball, gets out anyway

Miggy throws glove at ball, gets out anyway

Pickoff throws are very hard. You might miss. You might tear a hole through your first baseman's glove (and maybe the universe itself). You might even throw to a ghost:


Though none of these things happened to Anibal Sanchez during Tuesday's Tigers-Cubs game, his attempt to pick off Dexter Fowler was an adventure nonetheless. To try to get the out, he threw to Miguel Cabrera, but Miggy wasn't wearing his glove. That didn't stop him from using it anyway:


Yes, he threw his glove at the ball … and somehow, it worked? Fowler took off when he saw the throw go awry, but Miggy recovered fast enough to make the throw to second base in time for the out:


According to MLB Rule 7.05, section C, throwing one's glove at a ball is actually illegal. Fortunately for Tigers fans, nobody noticed and the play is not reviewable. Let's just call this one a trick shot.  

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