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Daniel Murphy was just practicing his mime routine during World Series Game 3

Murphy misses catch, mimes throw to first anyway

We all have heroes we look up to, and we're going to go ahead and assume that Daniel Murphy's hero is Marcel Marceau. No, Marceau is not some forgotten dead-ball era ballplayer who had a history of performing well in the postseason. He's a mime. A French mime:


Why, you may wonder, do we think this man is someone Murphy looks up to? It's because he was clearly practicing his own mime routine in the top of the second inning of World Series Game 3:


Alex Gordon may have singled over his head, but that wasn't going to stop Murphy from acting like he caught the ball and threw it to first base in an attempt to trick Gordon and fellow baserunner Salvador Perez. Unfortunately, Murphy's performance wasn't convincing enough to actually make an out.  

Don't worry, Murph. Someday you'll be as good as this:

We're pretty sure any umpire would agree he made it to the top of that imaginary staircase. 

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