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Most nonchalant Dad ever catches a home run ball while holding a baby

Nonchalant Dad catches home run ball while holding baby

Catching a home run ball is hard. Not only do you have to be in the right place, but then you have to deal with the sun, wind currents, barometer readings and the speed of the oncoming orb. 

On Father's Day, this fan added one more variable to the equation when he snagged this Troy Tulowitzki blast: a baby. 

Baby catch

Baby catch

And how did he celebrate the catch? Did he jump up and down, collecting high fives? Did he accidentally spike the baby a la Naked Gun 33 1/3Nope, he played it cool as if catching home run balls while carrying a child was no more exciting than his morning cup of coffee. 

Though he did say afterwards that he thought about "throwing the home run back." 

Naturally, because he's a cool one-hand-catch-making dad, he was even wearing a Star Wars T-shirt. 

Star Wars Dad

(Photo/Video Credit: Brittani Morgan / Real-Time Correspondent)

Making the home run even more special was that it came off the bat of Tulowitzki. Playing in his first Father's Day game since his son Taz was born in January, Tulo said:

"I heard it was a father holding a baby and he happened to get he ball. I gave that father some presents, and hopefully for that catch he got rewarded. I didn't meet him, since it [the exchange] happened while I was still playing."

I can only assume that one of the presents was a No. 1 Dad T-shirt. Following that catch, it's probably true.

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