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Thanks to NPB's Pacific League, we never have to worry about a bat-flip shortage

Watch these fantastic NPB bat flips

Since Yasiel Puig vowed to cut down on them, we've had no consistent source for bat flips. Sure, the occasional pitcher or prospect will toss a bat into the air, but it's nothing like the one-stop shop we once had. And now that the timetable for Puig's return from a hamstring injury is up in the air, looking for an amazing bat flip is like trying to find a pumpkin spice latte in July.

But never fear: NPB is here. The Pacific League (Japan's version of the American League, in that it uses DHs) has plenty of home runs, and they really like to celebrate them: 

As Google Translate explained, these are some "brilliant bat throw[s] together even after hitting!" We couldn't agree more.