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Randy Johnson starts new gig as assistant to D-backs president, plans to make lots of coffee runs

Randy Johnson becomes special assistant for D-backs

Sometimes you come to the office with a great story about your weekend, only to find that the new guy is about to blow yours out of the water. Especially if that new guy is Randy Johnson, and he was just elected to the Hall of Fame:

On Tuesday, in addition to his Cooperstown honor, D-backs great Randy Johnson was named Special Assistant to team president Derrick Hall. Looks like it's time for a new business card:


In the press conference following the announcement, Johnson might have joked that his new job would mostly involve making coffee and parking cars, but he's really looking forward to spending time with "the kids."

But not like this: 

He's thinking of the Minor Leagues: 

"I don't see myself being a coach, but I do see myself going around to the Minor Leagues and I think that's where I can best help. I can sit down with a young kid and say I was in the same boat when I was in A-ball, you've got to fight through it."

Bulletin to those of you in the D-backs organization: maybe, just maybe, Big Unit will remember you like your latte with two sugars. 

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