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Listen to these Royals fans relive the glory of Game 6's second inning

Royals fans relive Game 6's glorious second inning

Gather 'round and let these Royals fans tell you the tale of the Royals' World Series Game 6 seven-run second inning. Was it skill? Was it magic? You see, once upon a time in Kauffman Stadium, Alex Gordon had to face a Giant on the mound. Gordon hit a leadoff single, and the rest, well, just click play above.

But if you want the short version, go with this fan's summary:

"Lots of hits, lots of runs, and does anything else matter?"

Don't worry, it ends happily ever after. Unless, of course, you're a Giants fan. In that case, see The Tale of Madison Bumgarner and the Complete-Game Shutout.


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