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Listen to Vin Scully and Jon Miller announce Jackie Robinson Day lineups for Dodgers-Giants game

On Jackie Robinson Day, Vin Scully and Jon Miller came together to try their hand at PA announcing before the Dodgers took on the Giants in San Francisco. It was particularly fitting to have Scully call all of those "No. 42s," as he's been broadcasting Dodgers games since Robinson's fourth season. Scully also once raced Robinson on ice skates.  

With two Hall of Fame broadcasters in the booth, even the Giants faithful couldn't help but cheer when Scully's name was announced. Though that didn't stop them from letting loose with a torrent of boos when the Dodgers' players were given their due. 

While I could happily listen to Miller and Scully read the tax code, I found particular enjoyment in Vin Scully yelling "Yay!" for his booth partner at the 34-second mark. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go create an auto-tune version of this clip. You know, for my gym playlist. 

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