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In NLDS Game 2, Noah Syndergaard retired his fair share of batters … and Travis d'Arnaud's glove

Syndergaard retires batters, d'Arnaud's glove

Question: What do the moon and Travis d'Arnaud have in common?

Answer: They're both constantly being bombarded by meteorites, except some come from space and others are courtesy of Noah Syndergaard's arm. Both have to brace themselves for impact:


Yes, the moon has a face and it looks like d'Arnaud's when he's receiving a 101 mph fastball. And just like the surface of the moon, d'Arnaud's glove was showing some damage. So, after the first out in the third inning of NLDS Game 2 and yet another 90+ mph pitch, d'Arnaud had to get a new one:


Our favorite celestial body has to suck it up, though. Can't really get a new one of those. 

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