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T-Pain sang the national anthem (without Auto-Tune!) at a Dodgers game, and it was amazing

T-Pain sings national anthem without Auto-Tune

He's T-Pain, you know him -- and you probably associate him with boat rides and Auto-Tune, the audio tool that, well, auto-tunes voices to sound less like cat screeches and more like very calm robot song. You might not even know that T-Pain isn't simply just a walking Auto-Tune device. After all, you can download an app called "I Am T-Pain" that is exactly that.

But before Monday's Giants-Dodgers game, he delivered his own rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" sans any kind of voice modulation. It's gorgeous, but if you miss the sound of the old T-Pain, we guess you could just run this video through his app (don't lie, we know you downloaded it to make yourself sound better at karaoke). 

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