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Tim Lincecum apparently has a talk show and got to (sort of) interview Bruce Lee

We already know Tim Lincecum is a master of the art of disguise, so it's not terribly surprising that he moonlights as the host of a talk show. No, the truly surprising part is that Lincecum is apparently a time traveler, because the show looks straight out of the early '70s, and his guest is Bruce Lee (no, we've never heard of video editing, why do you ask?).

Anyway, it's lucky that Lincecum has access to a TARDIS, because on July 7, the Giants are dedicating a night to Lee in honor of what would have been the martial artist's 75th birthday. But before you go to AT&T Park to pick up your special edition bobblehead, watch the video above to see what Lee told Big Time Timmy Jim about pitching and what it's like to be so effortlessly cool.

And keep an eye out for this kid -- we hope he's invited:

litter boy Imitation lixiaolong lifelike

Posted by Chen Henry on Saturday, May 9, 2015