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87-year-old season ticket holder revels in 'the re-emergence of the Royals'

Meet the man hailing 'the re-emergence of the Royals'

Rich Burstein kept the faith and last night, he was rewarded.

The 87-year-old has held season tickets with the Royals since 1969 -- the year the franchise began -- and has been waiting 29 long years to see their return to the postseason. When asked what kept him re-upping season after season, Burstein replied, simply, "the love of baseball." 

But even through the bleakest of October droughts, Burstein was confident that he'd one day see his Royals back in the postseason. Why?

"It was bound to happen," he said.

Ah, the ol' law of large numbers. Play enough seasons and the Royals ticket has to get punched eventually.

"We're back," Burstein said, describing what he calls "the re-emergence of the Royals."

And don't expect another three-decade drought. According to Burstein, "It's not a one-time thing."

After last night, maybe he's right.


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