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Watch a Japanese fan mimic MLB stars' batting stances on the streets of Osaka

Fan mimics MLB stars' batting stances on the street

We figured out why Samurai Japan has a 2-0 series lead over MLB All-Stars in the Japan Series: Their secret weapon is an individual who can perform spot-on impressions of MLB stars' batting stances on-call, which we think would come in handy during practice. Or maybe he's just a die-hard MLB fan -- one or the other.

What we do know is that the fan is seriously talented at imitating some of the more recognizable stances in the Majors -- and he wasn't shy about showing off for the All-Stars in Japan:


As's Anthony DiComo reports, while the All-Stars were stuck in stop-and-go traffic after Game 1 Wednesday in Osaka, the fan went up to their bus, asked for a few autographs and then began his performance as the players shouted out their requests.

He does Robinson Cano:


He has a knack for channeling Yasiel Puig's conviction:


And he nails Ichiro Suzuki's patient pauses: