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Paper plane that may or may not have been a love letter for Puig flies into Dodger Stadium

Why is this paper plane cruising Dodger Stadium?

When your team has the division locked up and you're patiently awaiting October, it's natural to seek out a bit of whimsy in the stands.

Enter: one persevering paper lane during Saturday's Dodgers-Rockies game. 


A fan launched the aircraft from the upper deck in the eigth inning and it almost -- almost -- made it to the field, catching some serious hang time, but ultimately landing in the hands of another member of the Dodgers faithful far below.

No word yet on if it was some sort of secret message for Yasiel Puig or something else. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Dodgers game, when Juan Uribe will be managing and surely more hijinks will ensue. 

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