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Watch the Orioles turn an absolutely perfect double play during ALDS Game 2

Double plays are actually pretty common, even if they don't really feel that way. But still, when you see one turned perfectly, it's enough to make even the most weathered baseball fan smile.

Check out this two-for-one from Friday's Tigers-Orioles ALDS Game 2:


With the Tigers leading 5-3, Torii Hunter led off the fifth inning with a single up the middle. Miguel Cabrera came to the plate looking to increase that lead, but unfortunately ran into some magical defense on the part of Baltimore.

You really can't turn a double play better than that, as all three of the players involved did their jobs with 100 percent efficiency. Ryan Flaherty made a perfect diving stop, Jonathan Schoop performed a textbook transfer and Steve Pearce nailed the pick to bring it home. Heck, J.J. Hardy might have even been able to back Flaherty up if need be.

Oh, and check out that slow motion replay - no doubt the calls were correct.

Study up, kids - that's how it's done.