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Watch what happens when a Giants fan gets on the kiss cam with a Dodgers fan

A Dodgers fan, a Giants fan, two beers and a kiss cam

During Tuesday's Dodgers-Giants matchup, the kiss cam at Dodger Stadium drifted over to a pair of fans with split allegiances. He wore Dodgers blue, she was clad in Giants orange and black. Naturally, the two couldn't kiss -- not in a tight game with playoff implications. So, they did what any kiss cam couple torn apart by rivalry would do: they poured their beers on each other.


"We have to, we have to," mouthed the Giants fan. See, they never had a choice.

No word on yet on whether or not they regretted soaking themselves in ballgame brews that aren't exactly cheap -- not to mention doing it at the start of the fifth inning. 

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