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WWE legend Mick Foley explains how the Royals play baseball like a professional wrestler

Here's a comparison for you: the Royals play baseball just like a professional wrestler. Wait, what?

OK, more accurately, they play baseball like one specific professional wrestler: Mick Foley. At least that's how the Hall of Famer tells it.

Foley spent the day Thursday hanging out on MLB Network and dishing on whatever baseball miscellanea happened to come up, in the course of which he revealed that he does indeed see similarities between his WWE ring-style and the Ned Yost school of baseball:

"I compared my career to Yankees catcher Thurman Munson, saying I tried to do the same thing Munson did, which is the little things. And I think when you look at the Royals you're looking at a lot of people who do a lot of little things right, and it adds up."

Along with their aping of Munson and Foley, the wrestler highlighted one specific element of the Royals' postseason run thus far that strikes his fancy:

"I believe it's equally a victory for people like me who have always been an advocate for the bunt."


Yea, that's a guy you want on your side. 

No word yet on if Mr. Socko has been added to the Royals' World Series roster.